"RMBit" is the youngest new media performance group in China. The members of "RMBit" are from Open Media Lab of China Academy of Arts. They are Wang Zhipeng, Weng Wei, Hsiung Chengkai and Shi Zheng who specialize in interactive audio-visual live performance, program development, social media sarcasm and data mash up. The performance form is about "role play" (e.g. hackers) of collecting and tampering data, manifesting the magnificent big data interface of social collective creation by massive sensory impact.

Selected Works

 @, SOUND ART CHINA, Shanghai, 2013, photo by Zhiang Wang



Auido-Visual Performance

large-scale screen, loud speakers



Computer Graphics, programming: Nenghuo, Shi Zheng

Sound: Wang Zhipeng, Wengwei


“@“ is the best abstract of a series phenomenon in today’s post-web2.0 era. Under certain context, we could translate “@” as “Tag” (in some social media they use @ as tag, such like Twitter or Weibo. ) which indeed means “come and check me out”. In the social media’s world, being seen is the fundamental need, and therefore, we all want to “@” and be “@ed”.


“@” is an exist, but also an entrance. “@” represents a hope, when the anticipation of responds starts to build up after we be “@ed” or we “@” someone else. In the same time, “@” is also a form of violence. By sending “@” in the social media, It forces us to responds even when we don’t want to.


In the original intention, “@” is a friendly bridge between content provider and receiver. Once upon a time, desire kidnaps freedom. Content provider snatches spectator’s freewill. In metaphor, the first half of our work symbolizes the rational view through the interface. Step by step, all the information will be in a disarray state, an irrational situation.


We build a system to select media (videos, images, sounds and text) that is on the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo,  Google+, Vine, Papa, Renren...) and mix those in the work.


The duration of “@” is about 15 minutes. The work is divided into five parts. The first is “ Media Scan”. The second is “Signal Acquisition”. The third is “Watching and Listening”. The forth is “Interlacing” and the last is “Deformation”.

@ still

 @, GEEK, Park Beijing, 2014

 @ GEEK Park Beijing 2014

Code: e still

Code: e


Auido-Visual Performance



Computer Graphics, programming: Nenghuo

Sound: Shi Zheng


"Code: e" is an audio-visual work which is based on the engine as the main element. Composed using Quartz Composer and Ableton Live, the piece is a hybrid between real time debug-view and animation. Camera orbits about engine cylinders dispersed in three-dimensional space. As the beat assembles, this processing not only fuels the visuals and sound, but also shows some abstract concepts, such as weightlessness, energy, speed and perpetual.

Code: e still

Code: e, New Bit Festival Hangzhou, 2013, photo by Dajuin Yao

Perspective, The Wall, Taipei, 2014



Auido-Visual Performance



Computer Graphics: Nenghuo, Wang Zhipeng

Technical management: Shi Zheng, Nenghuo

Sound: Shi Zheng, Weng Wei


Perspective still

Selected Performances

2015  "The 2nd CAFAM Future Exhibition: Observer-Creator The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art"

          Code:E + OSC_#1 3D version, Audio-Visual Performance, CAFAM, Beijing


2014  "Revolutions per minute: Sound Art China"

           @ + Perspective , Audio-Visual Performance, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2014  "Cyplosion++"

           @ + Perspective, Audio-Visual Performance, The Wall, Taipei

2014  "West Bund Art and Design"

           Perspective, Audio-Visual Performance, West Bund Center, Shanghai

2014  "BUS One Year Anniversary"

           OSC_#1, Audio-Visual Performance, Hangzhou


2013  "New Bit Media Festival"

           Code:E, Audio-Visual Performance, Hangzhou

2013  "Revolutions per minute: Sound Art China"

           @, Audio-Visual Performance, West Bund, Shanghai




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